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Vendredi 22 avril 2011 5 22 /04 /Avr /2011 22:38

Yeah been a while... It seems overblog actived they shitty ads while I asked not to do it... bah.

Let's start with something great : the 1st Loopy Relay album !



Loopy Relay

Here is the exclusive preview :

with DJ Tom the S.C., Ujaku, Tomatochan and Tenorikami  !

Stay tuned for more informations: http://loopyrelay.web.fc2.com/index.html.



Submerse - Soul Gem

submerse_souljem_01.jpg Let's stay in J-Music with the new Maltine Records, a phat release with nice titles :

1. Submerse - Madoka Magica

2. Submerse - Light Music Club

3. Submerse - Limit Break

4. Submerse - KoKo

5. Submerse - MoeMoeMoe

6. Submerse - Downcast

7. Submerse - Downcast (Shako-Pani Remix)

8. Submerse - Downcast (Silvanian Families Moeclick Remix)

9. Yoshino Yoshikawa feat. Karin - Telescope (Submerse Remix)

10. Submerse & Resketch - Seven Times

11. Submerse - Light Music Club (Kanji Kinetic Remix)

Click the cover above to download the complete album !

Here is a preview of the 1st track (hehe famous stuff).





sub02.png Again Maltine, glad to see them so active. Be ready : a cool pack of Podcast mixed by DJ Wildparty. That's FOUR mixes given away for free, no blahblah here is the link for download.

Seriously Iam a fan of this mixtape release, I use to listen to it while working, it's PERFECT !




JOJI Records

14.png This is JOJI Records (remember I told ya about this new label) and this is their new release : the compilation features artists such as code4, 2p_youjo, Visko, ProjectHL2, airtoxin, 8millionz, ゆう,fazerock, 1110.λ, metoronicha, C’MB, tomatomerde and CDR (yup a copy/paste).

This is the download link and the official website of JOJI Records.




Yeah it's me

000-016-DY-LVL16 - Yakumo - DTH

This is my next EP, to be released @ Beatport on the may-11-2011. Deep House / Tech House as always.

For those curious you can preview the work at Mypromopool.com.

I'll bug ya with this later. Let's go into free DJ mixes !

Yakumo - Oniichan No Baka Mix (J-Music March 2011)

Playlist :


Inu - ワンダフル↑パワフル↑ミュージック!! (crabMixx)

Yasuo Sato - Moonlight Rendezvous in Chicago

++BGV : Bolo Phex - altemachan

wBUFFAw - ワンルーム・ディスコ (wBUFFAw mix)

ルイズ ツンデレハウス DJ Achiyo

Tomatochan - ジョーカーさんっていうすもちさん(Yakumo_Remix)

Tomatochan - Ujyatan Love 3

Ajax - GENIE remix

Claris - ココロの引力 (Yakumo Remix)

Chef Oba - Sktkmtks [Sasuga No Sarutobi]

Yoshino Yoshikawa - Lovely Rainy Day (RE_NDZ remix)

Bolo Phex - Sweet Flight(bolo zo-kin mix)

Inu - バラライカ (crabMixx)

yozuka* - サクラサクミライコイユメ (ダ・カーポ)

Dorian - Edit From the Star




Yakumo Love Deep Tech House Mix April 2011

Playlist :

Lee Foss - Warriors (Original Mix)

Savi G - Strange Mr G In The Room (Marvin Zeyss Remix)

Maya Jane Coles - Humming Bird (Original Mix)

H.O.S.H. & Ost and Kjex - Hamburg Night

Moodymanc - Alone (Aki Bergen Remix)

Oscar L - NY Funk (Original mix)

+Zoe Xenia - Right Here Feels So Good

Zoe Xenia - Right Here Feels So Good

Aki Bergen - Afrikanism (Original Mix)

The Martinez Brothers - The Causeway

Chris Lake - Secrets in the Dark (Alex Kenji Remix)

Bass Kleph - I'll Be OK (Superskank Remix)

NiCe7 - Point (Original Mix)

Yakumo Love - I Love DJ Shroom

Circus - UNI


Both are free to download, both are hosted at House-mixes.com because i fed up of soundcloud censoring my mixes.

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Lundi 28 février 2011 1 28 /02 /Fév /2011 18:56

Woah ! Mangagamer released Koihime Musou english version ! Another major game, yup.

As announced the price is 34.95euros (USD: 48.30) which is correct for a "not-yet-voiced-but voices-will-come-soon" version.

koihimerel.pngI said : it's a major release and it seems everyone is exited about this game -no doubt they will hit the minimum sellings fast. Mangagamer staff posted a special blog with a little surprise : "Buying a copy between now and July automatically enters you in a chance to win a copy of the anime as well!". Great idea !

If you don't know Koihime Musou and prefer to "test before I buy", there is a demo (yes, in english) that you can grab there.




So yes, me back from Japan-Exposud. I didnt take any pics, so i post some I took from the official facebook.

I went there for just 2 poor hours, just the time for me to buy a Hatsune Miku bag (remember I said I was looking for a bag) and 2 Da Capo II mousepad...

Yeah ! Two because there were 2 of them, if there were 10 I'd bought ten ! And no, these are not oppai, just normal mousepads one with Nanaka and Koko and the second with Nanaka alone (and showing a bit of a white triangle).


The place was over-crowed, the place was bigger then the past years but not enough to contain everyone. Some booth were hard to reach, in particular the ones near the food. (no, I dont complain: I report).

The 2nd "bad" point was the prices, it seems events are now set up to fuck up otaku, for example I noticed some 15 bucks figurines sold at 30, that joke. Almost everything was overpriced (except the bag and the mousepad it seems), in addition nearly all merchandises were the same of all booth...

The question is : why wasting money there when I have more choice and lesser price on Internet ?

Shipping ? Not an argue : I had to pay for JP-Exposud entrance + transportation cost. (yes, I am complaining).

Touching ? You can not touch the products (normal)

Watching ? mmm maybe the only good point but we all know that we dont need to "watch" when it comes to passion : we all know what is sold, no surprises.

Anyway, I was not the only one complaing about the prices.


On the good point I saw loads of cosplay all around, all sort of cosplay,it's a real pleasure to have such big difference between cosplayers (I even saw a Totoro) and as always for such event : real good atmosphere.


I repeat : I took all pictures from the official facebook there are more if you want.

Ho no, I didnt see any of the concert, cosplay events, etc.. just no time.

Next time I'll post some music in free download (genre ? J).

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Lundi 21 février 2011 1 21 /02 /Fév /2011 20:59

Ha yes no update for a while. Sorry, no time.

imcg_5.jpg For those want to know more about the upcoming english version of Koihime Musou (release date : 28 feb 2011, 34.95 euros), Mangagamer just posted their usual (and good) "Tester's Corner". I love such post where you see more about all "behind the scene" stuff (in addition the tester says the game is very long and hard).


Speaking of english version, Hendane announced the pre-order for Da Capo, yes  the Limited Edition DVD !

dccoverPrice is lower than I expected : $55.99. With Free Shipping for USA !

Hey it's a Limited Edition, it contains the Artbook and OST CD...nah I am jaleous and I hope the price will be that low for EU.

Here is the link to the pre-order page: http://hendane.com/shop/index.php?_a=viewProd&productId=155.

(notice the big red 18+ on the top right)


Want some sound ? Ho I made something funny, yeah It's free download

Claris - Kokoro no Inryoku (ココロの引力Yakumo Remix) - 俺の妹がこんなに可愛いわけがない by yakumo

This is not a serious work, just for the fun.

Click the little arrow on the right (just bellow "info") to download the track.

I post bellow the original version of Claris to check the remixing work level :

Next time I'll post the march mix, the genre will be the same as the triple hoshi mix : 100% J-Music crazyness.

Speaking of that :

alicever1.jpg Yup.It's Airtoxin on Joji Records and it's free music. if you want to know more about Airtoxin : http://soundcloud.com/airtoxin.

I'll post more labels and artists in the future: it wont hurt promoting a bit.



This saturday I will be at the Japan-Expo Sud.


I dont know how much time I will be able to stay because of my heavy schedule but I'll try to take as much pics as possible (i promised to a good friend in Nagoya).

JP-Expo Saturday schedule is as heavy as mine : see that link. My main target is to find some goodies to buy (I wish to find a new cute bag) but I wont forget the main stage (with concerts and events ... I wonder where they put the cosplay).



And nothing.

No time to play games, no time to stay updated. There will be the Prius Online beta sign up soon, something not to miss.

I received several beta invitations mainly for JP and Chinese games but played none. Ho yes i played a bit of Rift again (there was a special server .hum... it's still under NDA I suppose).

There was also a special event on Ai Sp@ce, see announcement bellow.


aww time to sleep Yakumo

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Dimanche 6 février 2011 7 06 /02 /Fév /2011 21:17

This is the last Yakumo's joke : Daiyume Level 12 : Doki-Doki.

I have built a horrible cover just to make DJ understand that Yakumo Love music is funny. All trax are meant to be a part of a comedy, the covers are filled by tons of errors made to make you smile : everything is set up as fun and cool.

Yeah ! I writte this because some DJs didnt understand...

Go to Beatport.com Get These Tracks Add This Player

Doki-Doki presents 7 trax, including a remix by 7e Ciel. The main genre is Tech House but there are some Deep House and Techno tunes in it - this is a Beatport Exclusive.

If you want to listen to the full tracks, I set up a playlist at soundcloud.

Doki-Doki EP by yakumo

I did not list the support by DJs but I can name few of them such as

Denis Alentieff (Russia), ST Jean of Stereofly Records (France), DJ M-TRAXXX (USA), DJ Fred Val of DY (France), Tomatochan of Loopy Relay (Japan), Sharkz of Club 24 (Bosnia & Herzegovina), HUSS of Bahrain 96.5 FM / Coral Beach Club (Bahrain), DJ Houze (USA), PhilE of Deep House Cat Radio (USA), and more but to be honest I have failed in collecting feedback. Sorry, i am really too busy and can't do things as I wish.

Haaa the uggly cover then ?

Here we are :

000-012-DY-LVL12 - Yakumo Love - Doki-Doki

Hehe 愛 in a heart...

Well, if you want the promo pack (aka "all tracks for free in 320k mp3") : CONTACT ME !

Pirates understood my message and didnt release it yet -thanks to them : they know what "Beatport Exclusive" means.

Once the exclusivity passed (2 weeks) it's ok.

Yes, I am not stupid : I know buying music cost money and loads of small DJs cant afford ALL releases - i am ok with that. I am NOT OK when professional DJs dont buy music (they are paid to mix).

loopytest-copie-1.jpgA bit of advertisement...

As I said in intro : this is the last Yakumo Love. I project to work on something different, something near that feeling and not on Daiyume. My label will be used to produce other DJs than myself, I think time as come for me to retire and focus on helping artists.


Yes, this Madoka's screenshot has nothing to do with the today's subject but it wont hurt adding 2 cute girls in the article.

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Vendredi 4 février 2011 5 04 /02 /Fév /2011 19:19
Par Yakumo Love
Jeudi 3 février 2011 4 03 /02 /Fév /2011 19:08

This is the Daiyume Level 11 : DJ M-TRAXXX. The man from Miami (yeah that "Crazy House" city in the USA), the man I use to call "Sensei", the man who's acting on the dancefloors for now decades.

You understand this is not an average release.

Go to Beatport.com Get These Tracks Add This Player

Yeah this EP is Beatport exclusive for 2 weeks. If you prefer another store no problemo : The whole EP will be available EVERYWHERE ON the 4th of February 2011.

My Anthem contains 5 trax, including remixes by the "Queen of the Boring Music" Yakumo Love (yeah it's me), the "skilled french Jazzy/Funk Deep House DJ" PlusDeep and the "Move-your-phat-assTech House" band 7e Ciel.

The main genre is DEEP HOUSE and meant to be : no bullshit here, it's american original deep house.

000-011-DY-LVL11 - DJ M Traxxx - My Anthem (Para Mi Gente)click the pic to reach Beatport.


Here are some reactions from professional and famous DJs worldwide:

  • "I listened to your tracks for DAIYUME.Yakumo's Remix for me:)" - Kohsuke Fukuda of Galaxy Recz (Japan)
  • "After reviewing My Anthem by DJ M-TRAXX I'm really feeling the Yakumo Love Remix, great work!! I cranked them Loud Too!!" - Roy Davis jr (Chicago Legend - USA)
  • "This track is the SH... Thanx for hooking me up with this HOT!!!!!!!!! M F!!!!....." - Tyree Cooper (House Music Legend - USA)
  • "great track, vocal and mixes" - Robert Owens (Chicago Legend -USA/UK)
  • "nice EP !! like the original of M traxxx .... and full support for all the tracks of the ep will play it great" - St Jean Stereofly Records (France)
  • "It's that unabridged underground shizm!!!" - Markie Gee (NYC/Connecticut - USA)
  • "Great deep tracks!"- Sharkz (Bosnia & Herzegovina)
  • "nice,,,," - George Kyrimis (Greece)
  • "plus deep remix is my fav! will play!" - KyneticS (Manuel) (Italy)
  • "Para Mi Gente!" - Sergey Miks (Russia)
  • "nice deep" - Dj Andrey Energy (Russia)
  • "Nice deephouse!" - Alex Pi aka RULEX (Holland)
  • "Para Mi Gente is off the hook, definitely a must on my next mix. Great job." - Angelo Boom (NYC -USA)
  • "top tracks !" - Andy Gulliver (UK)
  • "Im digging the kinda minimal housey Yakumo Love Remix and the original is nice too. Both tastefully done house music.Thanks!" - Brian S
  • "It sounds great to Me! all versions" - Harry Dennis (Chicago House Legend - USA)
  • "played your track on WFMU on Friday last" - DJ Billy Jam (Cali/NYC - USA)
  • "loving this release, a lot, thanks!" - W. Jeremy of House of Stank (NYC - USA)
  • "I LOVE IT!!!!!!" - Manny Ward (NYC - USA)
  • "sounds real nice ;)" - Timo Garcia (UK)
  • "Love the new track!!! has such a great groove... totally loving it. :)" - Christy Love of House of Stank (NYC)
  • "I really like that EP nice slick production and crisp aswell" - Ken Collier of Audio Textures Recordings (UK)
  • "It's just straight forward good house music. The production is really well produced and sounds good. Really good smooth house. I usually play 11 - 2 or 3am so I started the night with it. I'll definitely continue to play it." - Brian Gionfriddo
  • "It is all very good TRACK !!! I will work it in the mix !!!!!!!!" - Tomatochan of Loopy Relay (Japan)
  • "Great EP, My Anthem PlusDeep Remix and X-Normality are excellent ! Keep the good work, Peace." - DJ Fred Val of Daiyume Music (France)
  • "was a true honor to remix my Sensei. Great Release !" - Yakumo Love of Daiyume Music (Magical World).
  • "Great release Yakumo, keep it up with those quality tracks." - RAAFmAker (Holland/Japan)


EP has been played by famous shows such as Deep House Cat Show (PhilE), NR Radio Show, WFMU 91.1 fm - 90.1 fm NYC and more (yeah more but I need to know where lol, contact me if you play DY product plz !).


Loads of great feedbacks from the industry, yup : DJ M-TRAXXX is not just a DJ but also a great artist and a nice personn to know.

More about DJ M-TRAXXX :

- http://djmtraxxx.podomatic.com/
- http://www.myspace.com/djmtraxxx

- http://www.facebook.com/pages/DJ-M-TRAXXX-fan-page/372514324777

- http://twitter.com/djmtraxxx

- Junodownload.


Little surprise to end this article :

Beatport has featured this EP in the new Deep House releases, this is the 2nd time Daiyume is featured inthere (on 11 releases this is not bad !). Peeps at beatport have good tastes xP


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Dimanche 23 janvier 2011 7 23 /01 /Jan /2011 18:45
Par Yakumo Love
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